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Avoiding Finance Charges on Credit Cards

Problems in Credit card

Finance charges are the late fee that you are making to your credit card company for not paying the bill on time. Most of the companies offer you a grace period of 21 days, and you need to make sure that you pay the bill before the grace period. Don’t try to pay only the minimum then you will have to pay a lot of interest, and this will take you so much time.

The following are some of the things you can do to avoid finance charges:

Pay your bills at the right time:

One of the best methods to avoid fees is to pay the bills on time. Make it a habit of paying your credit card bills every month and if you have a budget, set apart an amount of money for credit card bills so that you will not spend it on anything else. Also, do not use your credit card for everything; try to use it only during emergencies. Paying your bills on time will also increase your credit score.

Credit card types

Grace period:

Always make sure to check the grace period that is offered by your credit card company. Most companies have grace periods have grace periods of 20 to 25 days. Even if you are not able to pay your bills on time for some reason, you can pay it during the grace period.

Clearing off the balance on your card:

If you are not able to make the payment within the grace period, you can consider changing or transferring your balance into another card which has a lower ARP. When you clear the balance and more it to a card which has a low ARP, you will be paying a lesser amount.


Read all the instructions for getting the credit card:

It is very crucial for you to read all the small prints before you get the credit card. Before activating your card, you need to make sure that you understand all the terms and conditions. Do not blindly get a credit card and end up paying more interest and other fees every month. Check with the company if there will be a rise in the interest rates as days go by or if you will have to pay other fees or charges.


Sometimes, the best way to avoid such high-interest rates and fees is to pay the bills properly on time. If you do not pay the bills on time, you will always have to face some consequences. Have a budget and try to make your purchases as per your budget. If you think you cannot afford something, then do not buy that product. Try to avoid using your credit cards wherever possible and use it only when you are in an emergency.

11 Habits Will Help You Reach Financial Freedom


The ultimate goal for many people is to reach a position where you can tell yourself that you’ve attained financial freedom. Here 11 habits which help you do so.

Maintain a budget

The easiest way to make sure that all your bills are paid and you also are left with some money to save is to have a monthly budget. It is equally important to follow this budget to the extreme so that it is effective as well.

Credit card payments

It should be made into a practice to pay off credit card dues every month and never leave them to build up. Student loans and mortgages do not have very high interest rates so they should be paid off easily.

Automatic savings

An automatic withdrawal system in case of emergencies is a good choice as they can take care of those unexpected expenses you might incur. Temptation can be avoided by redirecting the pay-checks to automatic savings.


Avoid paying heed to those neighbours

Always remember that bragging about the luxuries you have today will never match up to living a modest life and saving up. Those make sure that your future is secure and not the latest smartphone that was launched.

Keep a track of credit

Credit score plays a major role in the decision on the rates that are offered to you for financing for a home or car. Insurance rates are also made based on the credit score you have so it must be paid attention to.

Proper maintenance

It goes without saying that the stuff you invest in must be taken care of. Prevention is always better than cure and the same applies when you change the variables to maintenance and replacement.

Education never stops

Awareness about changes in tax and bylaws will always keep you in the driver seat as far as finances are concerned. Once you are up to date with the developments, there is no way you can be taken advantage of.

Negotiation helps

There is no shame in asking. Sometimes trying to negotiate is looked at like a cultural vice, but it isn’t logical and is something we all should look beyond and overcome.

Adjustments are for the better

There are multiple examples of rich people who got habituated to not living up to their full potential before they rose up the rankings. It is never early nor late to start adjusting and introspecting on needs and wants.

Financial advisors

A financial advisor must be sought after once you feel that you have enough wealth which cannot be converted readily to cash. These could be anything from liquid investments to other types of assets.

Exercise and Nutrition

Not just a healthy bank account, but also a healthy body and mind lets you attain freedom. Eat right and exercise regularly to keep yourself fit.